You Can’t Travel, So Create A High-End Hotel Look For Your Bedroom

With the worldwide situation in its current state, it looks like we will enjoy our own homes for a little while longer before being able to adventure outside. With a lot of holiday weekends just around the corner and nowhere to go except your living room, you might be feeling a little disappointed that the trip you originally planned is cancelled or that staycation you booked will have to be postponed.
Mia Saigon deluxe bedroom

There is a special feeling in checking in to your hotel and discovering that crisp, clean bedroom with the perfectly made bed right at its centre. Well we thought why wait for your next hotel stay to get those marvelous hotel vibes! Transform your own bedroom to achieve that hotel-look, we’ll help you with our useful tips on how to do it.

Although luxury hotels and designer resorts put a lot of effort into their concept to create that paradise feel for relaxation and amazing sleep, you can bring some of that essence into your own bedroom. Looking at colour palette, lighting, and small touches, here are some tips to bring a little of that high end hotel bedroom look to your own space.

mia saigon hotel deluxe bedroom
Presidential Suite at the Mia Saigon Hotel, dressed in Catherine Denoual Maison high quality Bed Linens
hotel look white bed sheets
A crisp white sheet set for the perfect hotel-look with our Frou Frou design bed linen

1. Buy Soft High Quality Sheets

The bed is very central to every hotel stay, usually positioned at the centre of the room it is the key feature in the space. In 5 Star Hotels you will get that incredibly comfortable bed with a super soft set of sheets, it truly is the heart of every luxury hotel room. So to begin creating the hotel-look for your own room, you will need to look at your sheets first. The high end hotels will have those buttery soft sheets that you never want to leave the bed, so get the same hand-feel at home. It’s all about the quality of the fabric you choose for your sheets! Most hotels will have Cotton so we recommend investing in high thread count 100% cotton sheets, these will give you a soft feel against your skin and breathability. Start right here with our sumptuous set of sheets that are made from the finest 100% Extra Long Staple Cotton Sateen with a 500 thread count, it doesn’t really get softer than this! The supreme soft feel against your skin and durability of the sheets will immediately turn your bedroom to feel like a fancy boutique hotel in the blink of an eye.

2. Light Bedding Colour Palette

One of the main reasons why you almost always see that crisp white bed linen in hotel rooms is because of the upkeep, it is much easier to wash and maintain than a coloured sheet. In addition to the reason why white is often preferred by hotels is also that white illuminates the room and gives the immediate feeling of cleanliness! You will find that most luxury hotel use a combination of colors in their décor and interiors to create a relaxing and elegant vibe and use simple white bedding. Colour accents may be added on the bed in the form of decorative cushions, bed runners or covers that provide a pop of colour to the bed while the sheet remain a neutral & light palette of white, beiges or light grey. So to achieve the same look, we highly recommend in opting for some white cotton sheets or at least stay in the light colour family. Make your bed with white pillow cases and duvet cover, make sure everything is tightly tucked in for that extra ‘neat’ look. Then simply add your own touch of colour with a central decorative cushion or a linen bed throw for that added texture and originality. For a pro tip, to achieve right away the ‘hotel look bed’, have at least four pillows on the bed like in those gorgeous high-end hotels!

3. Chocolate On The Pillows 

Now we truly believe that luxury hotels feel luxurious because of the attention to even the smallest of details. The finishing touches to the spaces and with the comfort of the guests in mind is what makes a stay feel special. If you’ve had the chance to stay in a luxury resort or hotel, you will have most likely experienced the joy of returning to your room in the evening to find your bed freshly turned down and with a little treat near the pillow. That little delight is often a chocolate, a wrapped mint, or even a boxed cookie bit. It is such a small gesture but it always feels great to see it, so why not do the same at home? In the morning when you make your bed, place a little treat for yourself. Choose your favourite sweet and do this perhas only once or twice a week to truly make the moment feel special. This lovely gesture will give a tender feel to your own space and in the evening when you go to bed, it will be a nice little surprise for some sweeter dreams.

You Can’t Travel, So Create A High-End Hotel Look For Your Bedroom

4. Get Dimmable Lighting

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms always look so cozy and inviting? To set this kind of mood and create the perfect atmosphere, a lot of it has to do with proper lighting. There is nothing worse than a bright white light that will give instant headaches or feel like a hospital room. First things first, the most important perhaps is the colour of the bulb and all high end hotels will use yellow light over white. Then a plus would be to use LED bulbs because these consume less energy, saving you on the electricity bill at the end of the month and are more environmentally friendly. Once you’ve got the right bulbs we suggest installing dimmable lighting in your bedroom, just like deluxe hotels. Having lamps that are dimmable means you can set the atmosphere you want depending on your needs or mood. For instance, you can set different lighting whether you wish to read in bed, put your get dressed, sleep, and more…Last but not least, like almost all hotel rooms, you should have separate lamps like for your bedside tables and wall hanging lamps at the centre of the room, this allows you to easily switch off the overhead light to create a soothing and warm vibe in your space and keeping only certain lamps on.

silk kimono robe loungewear
Find your moment of peace in our lush pink silk Kimono robe

5. Slippers & Robes At The Ready

Part of the hotel experience is not just in the décor but also and very importantly in your own comfort. While enjoying the hotel room space, one of the real bonuses is putting on those fluffy terry or linen robes and slipping on those soft hotel slippers. Lounging around the room to read your latest book, watch a bit of TV from the bed or grab a cup of tea on your private balcony is just some of the activities to enjoy doing while in the hotel robe. Reproduce the same feeling at home, in the morning upon waking or after taking your shower, relax or get ready in your own robe and slippers! Trust us, it is such a small action but it really does feel great and indulgent. Especially if you have a kimono or robe in a soft fabric that makes you feel great that only makes the experience that much better.

Whether you love Silk Robes or a more casual Linen Kimono, find what you love and build this little comfort into your daily routine to create that hotel experience right in your home!

The above guide are only some of our suggestions but inspiration can be found in many other sources and the creation of the bedroom hotel-look achieved in many ways. Think of your favourite things at your past hotel stays then pick a few to recreate and create your personal boutique experience in your own home!