Wellness Moments in Bed

Wellness both mental and physical should always be a priority, when you are the best version of yourself you can be the best for your loved ones too! With that in mind we have come up with 5 fun or relaxing things to do in bed which don’t involve sleeping!  Spending as much time as we are at home nowadays it is only fair to assume that a large portion of that will be spent in our most comfortable space, which is often the bedroom.
Wellness Moments in Bed

The bed, traditionally used for sleeping mainly can in actuality be a space for many a wonderful things in your days as well as your nights. Being functional as the number one purpose to give you support and safety as you sleep, we also firmly believe that it can also have a nesting purpose, or as we like to call it ‘cocooning’. Things that bring you joy, peace and entertainment can all fall under the creation of your own personal cocoon that is your bed. We have reunited our top 5 favourite things to do in bed and we are pleased to share for you to replicate these in your own bedroom.

Cuddles are Wellness Moment in Bed

1. Cuddling in Bed

Intimacy with the person you love has proven to really improve welfare in people. We often don’t take enough time in our days to. just. be. But those moments are so important, those first few minutes when you both wake up or before falling asleep at night. That peace is precious, and cuddling under the sheets can be the best way to begin a fresh day or end a busy one. Cuddles bring you together, on a deeper level it can help you to communicate your emotions, relieve stress and anxiety of daily life and increase bonding. Don’t take cuddling for granted, touching releases ‘feel good’ hormones into our bodies which make us experience feelings of happiness and well being.

2. Reading in Bed

Get your must-read book list out and get to reading in bed! Reading has countless benefits like aiding in combating insomnia, a study from the University of Sussex in 2009 has also shown that reading around six minutes before sleep can reduce stress by 68%, as a result clearing the mind for better sleep. It does not matter whether you are reading the old fashioned way with a paperback or taken to reading on a Kindle or iPad, the important thing is to read something you enjoy.

Dive deep into fictional stories of detectives or romance or delves into biographies, self-help studies, or cooking books; the point is to be engaged. Put your phone down and pick up a book before sleep, you’ll be surprised by the immediate positive effects on your mood and sleep quality!

3. Breakfast in Bed

Start your day the best way with a yummy breakfast tray in bed. Set your alarm and pop on over to the kitchen to put together your favourite breakfast items, fresh orange juice, a nice flaky croissant, or go all in with eggs and bacon. Once ready place it onto a tray that you bring back to bed to enjoy. Still in your pyjamas and in those quiet hours of the morning on weekends, indulge in this special time for yourself and your partner. Better yet, get your partner to cook up a storm while you have a lovely lie in and get them to bring you the tray for the most perfect wake up. Don’t forget the napkins for the tray so as not to spoil your bed sheets.

4. Watching Movies & TV Shows in Bed

TV shows and movies have a way of transporting us to faraway lands or moments in time, and you can do so right from the comfort of your own bed. Plug in a laptop, a projector or switch on the TV in your room and enjoy a much deserved movie night in bed. Put on your cosiest pair of pyjamas, get the popcorn and bundle under your duvet to enjoy a couple of hours of entertainment in your very own space! Who needs the movie theater when you’ve got your own bedroom cinema?

Breakfast on the bed
Take a nap in the bed

5. Naptime in Bed

Aside from a good night’s sleep, naptime is a great way to boost your energy levels and having some quiet time for yourself. Perhaps you’ve had a long week, or a late night call and did not get enough time on your pillows lately, an afternoon nap may just be what the doctor ordered. Compensating for sleep loss is just one of the reasons for recovery naps, but enjoyment can be another reason for napping. A 15 to 20 minute power nap can be a great source of mood elevation as your mind is more relaxed upon waking. Just be wary not to sleep to long as this may deregulate your sleep cycles at night and leave you feeling groggy upon waking. For perfect napping conditions, regulate your bedroom temperature, draw the curtains and wear a soft eye mask to shut out light and curl into your cotton sheets for a soothing slumber.

Bonus Idea: Puppy Naps

Create that special bond with your pup with a little nap in your bed, the puppy will feel safe and comforted by your familiar scent and you can enjoy that warm puppy love as you catch some zzzz’s.

Note: The sheets used in the photos are the 100% Linen Boho collection in Natural colour.