1. Type of personal data and purpose of the processing

The main datas we collect from you for our e-commerce website catherinedenoual.com are email address, phone number, user name, password account and address. These are the information that catherindenoual.com must collect from you as part of the buying and selling process. Email marketing (if applicable): With your permission, we may send you emails about our store, new products and other updates.

Customers will be solely responsible for the security and retention of all services using their registration name, password and email address. In addition, the customer is responsible for timely notification to catherinedenoual.com e-commerce site about unauthorized use, abuse, security breach, retention of third party registration and password to take appropriate solutions.

2. What do we do with your information?

Our e-commerce website catherinedenoual.com will use your provided information to:

    • Providing services to customers.
    • Sending & communicate about transactions between customers and catherinedenoual.com
    • Contact and resolve special cases with customers when needed.
    • Customer information will not be used for anything else other than the purpose of affirmation and contact for related transactions at catherinedenoual.com
3. Address contact for customer support
  • Con Ong Limited
  • Head office: 586C An Phu Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone number: (84) 28 37 44 40 02
  • Email: online@catherinedenoual.com
4. Means and tools for customer to access & edit their data
  • Customers have the right to check, update and personalize their personal information by logging into the account and do as please or requesting Catherine Denoual Maison online customer support to do so.
  • Customer has the right to submit a complaint about the disclosure of personal information to third parties to the customer support of the e-commerce website catherinedenoual.com. Upon the receipt of complaint, Catherine Denoual Maison’s management team will confirm the information and be responsible.
5. Confidential commitment of customer information

Customer’s personal information on catherinedenoual.com is commited to be confidential in accordance with privacy policy of catherinedenoual.com. The collection and use of each customer’s information will only be used under their consent, except where otherwise provided by law. Catherine Denoual Maison commits:

  • Do not use, transfer, supply or disclose customer information to any third party without their consent, except as otherwise provided by law.
  • in the event of a hacker attack resulting in loss of personal data, Catherine Denoual Maison will be responsible for reporting the incident to authorities for timely investigation and notify about the event fot customers.