A Red Palette in your Home Decor

The Lunar New Year is one of the biggest and most important celebration of Vietnamese people. This is an opportunity for people to reunite together, review old stories, share plans and look forward to the future. That is why decorating the home space beautifully is an indispensable part of Lunar New Year preparation traditions that must be done when Tet comes.
The Red In Home Decor For New Year Celebration
Red Is The Color Of Luck

Red Is The Color Of Luck

In Eastern culture, especially those influenced by Chinese culture, red is very popular. Not only is the color a pure color, the red color carries the role of spiritual messenger. Derived from the association with blood and fire, the indispensable elements of human, red is considered the color of the mystery of luck.

While the gold represents wealth, majesty and prosperity, a little red is enough to raise spirit. It is a seemingly boundless power that is why red is very popular in the interior decoration in Eastern countries and Vietnamese in particular. Especially during Tet holidays, red is popularly used in decoration because it’s believed that red will bring peace and luck to everyone. Therefore, red is often the key decorative color in the first days of the new year. You may find red everywhere, from the family altar, in the living room to a corner of the table in the kitchen or bedroom. The red color represents the house owner’s will, praying for luck come everywhere.

From the perspective of color sense, red is spicy, causing visual stimulation to the viewer, so red is eye-catching and stays for a long time in people’s mind. Therefore, using red is useful

if you want to add brilliance or accent to the space. The red rotation in interior decoration is also very flexible and depends on the designer’s feelings or the owner’s intentions. While the bright red color brings youthfulness and vitality, the charming red or dark red is suitable for a space that needs solemnity and cozy.

How to Tastefully include Red in your interiors

Red is not an easy colour to use in interiors due to its strong personality, but when used properly it can really enhance a room. The trick is to use it carefully and in small touches to accentuate a corner or a piece of furniture. The results can create really striking and chic interiors that impress! Here are a few ways you can use red in the different rooms of your home.

The Living Room

The living room is the first place to welcome guests, often the core of the house, so it is worth investing in decorating this space. To begin including red, make sure to consider the already present colour palette whether it is cream, grey, or blue, this will influence what shade of red will be most suitable. If you already have a very neutral toned space, then you can go bold with for example a statement red velvet sofa. On the other hand, if you already have other bold colours present in the room, we advise to use a small touch of red for examples burgundy decorative cushions or a red metallic photo frames. For seasonal decoration such as Lunar New Year, think about adding a flower or fruit plant to welcome this celebration. A peach or an apricot blossom pot in one corner of the room or a kumquat tree tied with a red bow, symbolizing springtime fullness and prosperity. To be even more on theme, on the apricot branches, peaches and kumquats, hang up the red envelope and greeting cards.

How to Tastefully include Red in your interiors

In addition, according to feng shui, water represents fortune. In the new year, use a corner of the living room to place a small water feature that is suitable for your space such as a flower vase on your living room coffee table.

The Dining Room

The dining room is a place of gathering for food and often at the centre of this room is the table. Decorating the table is the easiest place to start, from red dinner napkins, red mood candles all the way to red dining chairs you can get super creative. For a more seasonal approach, a fruit bowl or tray with some sunny and colourful fruits in shades of reds, pinks and oranges can brighten up the space in an instant.

The Master Bedroom for New Year Celebration

During the Lunar New Year period, having some fresh fruit or floral centrepiece in the room will create an atmosphere of well-being in the home. On the other hand when you are hosting people for a lunch or dinner, a way to bring some red back to the table in honour of the Lunar celebrations, place the famous ‘red envelopes’ into the napkins or under the plates to create a distinctive & lovely Tet feature.

The Master Bedroom

Finally, don’t forget your bedroom! The bedroom being a space to sleep, calming colours are somewhat important and fiery red can feel a little intimidating. So for this room we suggest some accents of red rather than painting the walls red for a more soothing feeling. A great place to start is with the bed linen, as it is easily changed and can be brought out seasonally specially for this time of year. Make the most private place in your home a cosy sanctuary, for instance floral embroideries on warm dark red sheets help the room feel romantic and cozy. A blanket or throw is also a creative way to dress the room with red, adding vitality and comfort. On the other hand if you wish to stay minimal, we advise for one or two simple red decorative cushion at the centre of the bed, so you can add a little colour and texture without going too out there.