The Art of Accessorising your Table

Garden parties, a romantic date night, a birthday celebration with your best girls; these are all occasions you can celebrate right at home. You can make these special moments extra exceptional with a little sass on your table. The table is a place where everyone gathers and shares, the root of every occasion big or small. So how do you make your table look gorgeous and ready to welcome people?
The Art of Accessorising your Table

Accessories play a multifunctional role in arranging and setting your table to create a memorable look. These accessories can have the ability to create charm, warmth, fun and many other feelings you wish to convey. Let’s have a look at the art of accessorizing, we will advise about how they can be displayed according to their sizes, colour and concordance to other features of your table design. Read on for some simple principles of accessorising so that you can transform your dining table into an inviting setting that is glowing with style.

1) Choosing the right Table Linens

1. Choosing the right Table Linens

Before diving in, we would recommend you decide on a colour scheme that will determine the style you want to give the table. A popular way to choose the main colour palette is to base it on the theme or occasion at hand. For instance, red and white plaid at Christmas, or navy-blue and white for a nautical theme or shades of yellow and green for a garden party. Once you have your colours in mind, start with the table linens and you can later make sure that all the table elements including flowers, glassware, crockery are connected in the color theme. The table linen is often a very present part of the table, so that’s why we start there! You could start with the tablecloth and choose matching napkins in the same colour or same colour family. Find tones and materials that go together. We personally love linen napkins and linen tablecloths, they bring great texture and style to a space. For a more formal affair, we advise a tablecloth to create that ‘wow’ factor. If you are going casual, you could opt just for cocktail napkins to serve tea or skip the tablecloth and go for napkins and placemats. These are not only accessories that give an impressive finish but also incredibly useful to protect your table and give your guests a napkin as a crumb catcher to protect their own clothes.

2. Mini Accessories that Make the Difference

Creating a beautiful table setting is all about details. It’s fun to change some small accessories on your table setting and surprise people with unusual and unique features. Find some interesting salt and pepper shakers in the shape of animals or in beautiful metallic shapes, use ones that complement your theme and colour palette. Other small table accessories that can add a unique touch is things like napkin rings or knife rests, in gold or silver to bring more sophistication or in wood to create a rustic feel. The silverware is equally important, use proper form with forks on the left, knife and spoon on the right for a more modern look. For a little craft project, you can create little name cards in the theme of your gathering for all your guests and place them atop each plate. Small accessories can be both decorative and functional, find a peaceful way to group them together harmoniously.

3. The Candle Effect

Candles may not seem like an essential accessory, but in fact it is essential in setting the mood. They come in many shapes and sizes, can be ornate and used as centrepieces or small handmade ones to be a discreet features on the table. The important thing is that once lit, they can create a romantic atmosphere, to signify elegance or to add warmth and comfort to a dining table setting. Basic white or cream colors can blend with any decor and create an elegant feeling to a table, while groups of coloured ones make thing more lively or interesting for special occasions. You can also make more interesting arrangements by using a variety of candles and candle holders that are united by colours, shapes, lines or types of materials. Use pillar candles to make bold statement and tapers to offer a more delicate effect, while marbles around the base of pillar candles create a modern effect for a casual meal. The important thing is to use the lighting effect to create the ambiance you want for the evening.

Mini Accessories that Make the Difference for your table

4. China & Glassware 

China and glassware should be chosen in accordance to what food & drinks you will be serving, so plan your meal first. Think about the details of menus and dinner style you’ll enjoy. Will you be having soup first? Or is it a sharing style dinner? From there you can choose whether you need bowls, large plates, dessert plates and so on. Fine China or porcelain with a rim of gold or silver details will instantly increase the elegance factor on any table. A solid white set is a surprisingly good option to tie together with other details of your setting. Remember that colour of the china should match with your table linen. Usually, dinnerware with a border in one or two colors that match your theme work well. Colourful goblets, pitchers, cordials, and rocks glasses can all be used decoratively to enhance your table setting. Glassware is usually clear and easy to match with any setting, but for a beautiful effect, we advise including 2 glasses per person (1 wine and 1 water glass for instance).

Floral Arrangements of Dreams

5. Floral Arrangements of Dreams

Flowers are a fragrant and enchanting way to enhance your table setting for any type of event. This is the most effective and immediate way to bring a festive look to your table. How do you pick the right centrepiece or bouquet? For a sit down meal where everyone is sitting around the table, avoid tall flower you will not see the person across from you. Instead choose simple flowers in low level bouquets, and don’t be afraid to mix a few different types of flowers. If you are opting for a buffet or a party style gathering, then go for bigger centrepieces with no fear! It can really bring about an impressive look to your food display table. When choosing flowers, we recommend asking your florists about seasonal flowers and also advise for the types of flowers to use depending if your  occasion is outside or inside. Some flowers will last longer in different environments and season, so asking an expert is smart. and depending on the season, this can be a great way to be mindful of the choice of flowers. Another wonderful thing about flowers is that you can also choose from the multitude and hand pick the colours that match your current theme. One last tip, be careful when using strongly scented flowers around a dining table, flowers like lilies can overpower the fragrance of food.