Recipe for the Best Sleep

Sleep is one of our most basic needs as humans and quality sleep will bring us a multitude of benefits. We’ve all experienced feeling tired, low or grumpy when experiencing lack of sleep and this can quickly lower our quality of life in the long term. A good night's sleep is becoming so important to our everyday lifestyles and health. From high energy levels, beauty reasons to stress reduction and improved productivity, quality sleep should be taken seriously.
Recipe for the Best Sleep
Recipe for the Best Sleep

Many of you may be having trouble getting your 8 hours in, have issues falling asleep or simply can’t achieve a deep slumber. Because of this, we’ve put together a list of our pro tips to improve your sleep quality daily. Read on to discover small things you can do that could help give you the best snooze!

1. Natural Detergents

Keeping your bed linen clean, soft and fragrant is an important first step to bring you complete relaxation and deep sleep. There is no better feeling to slide into bed when you’ve got freshly cleaned sheets to welcome you. To ensure this wonderful sensation, it is best to clean your sheets at least once every week or every two weeks depending on your lifestyle. Then we also prefer using a detergent made with ingredients that are natural, safe for your health and friendly for the environment. This is why we love our 2-in-1 laundry detergent and softener made with essential oils and plant extracts while still a good stain-fighter. Having detergents that smell good, are safe and healthy for your daily use is a sure way to ensure good sleep. Your sheets will be clean, with a heavenly scent and great if you have sensitive skin you won’t need to worry about itchiness during sleep. Wake up in the morning feeling completely refreshed!

2. Good Fluffy Pillows

A good pillow is another important factor to improve your sleep quality. Each person will be different depending on their preferred sleeping position. If you like to sleep on your back or in the fetus position, this means that different pillow size will be better for some. In general, pillows should not be too thin to hold the head and nape in a comfortable position, but it should not be thick and hard because it can cause pain and lack of circulation in the head. If the pillow is too high for your body, it can also cause fatigue. There are so many kinds of pillows out there, feather pillows, memory foam pillows and more, the best option is to find the option that works best for you. Personally, we like our pillows fluffy and supple with appropriate thickness giving you great neck support. For the best sleep make sure you invest in some quality pillows which are an essential for quality slumber!

3. Sleeping Eye Mask

Falling asleep may be easy but staying asleep all night can be challenging for some, so a sleeping eye mask can be the answer to a deeper sleep. A small gesture that can keep light out of your eyes anytime and anywhere. You can catch up on sleep and enjoy nap times as well as prolong your sleep in the early hours of the morning. A useful eye mask helps to block unwanted lights which can disrupt your precious hours of sleep. Choose comfort and beauty with our lovely linen or silk eye masks, which are so soft against your skin. With a sleeping eye mask, you can take advantage to rest any place like your home or even while traveling in a plane, car or train.

Recipe for the Best Sleep
4. Chamomile Tea

For those of you who are light sleepers or cannot fall asleep easily, a natural remedy that has been recommended time and time again is to sip on Chamomile Tea before your bedtime. This natural herb does not contain caffeine, has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, which may help to relax your mind. When you are thinking about a million things, sleep may be hard to find so keep away from your phone, drink a cup of Chamomile Tea and read a book once you go to bed every night. This may be the time to alter your behavior and give it a try to see if this will help better your sleeping habits. You can easily find Chamomile Tea in any supermarket, so go ahead and have a cup!

Recipe for the Best Sleep
5. Quality Cotton Sheets

Last but not least, investing in high quality sheets can hugely help to provide you with great sleep. Sleeping on synthetic material sheets, can disrupt your natural sleep cycle as you may end up feeling too hot, start to sweat and just be generally uncomfortable. Hence if you’re looking for a better night’s rest, consider swapping your current bed linen for quality cotton sheets, the breathable and natural fabric bringing you ultimate comfort. Our 100% Extra Long Staple Cotton Satin bed sheets are cool and super soft, you’ll enjoy the best sleep you’ll what’s been missing your whole life!