Why Silk is Fantastic for Beauty Sleep

When you wake up from a good night’s sleep, you can immediately tell the results of this. Your skin may appear smoother, your eyes brighter and you simply feel better inside. On the opposite spectrum, having a bad night can result is swollen eyes, dry skin and an overall fatigue. The secret to good sleep does depend from person to person but there are certain tricks that definitely can help improve your sleep habits. Silk has been shown to be incredible for improving overall sleep and what has also become known as Beauty Sleep.
Why Silk is Fantastic for Beauty Sleep
Why Silk is Fantastic for Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep can be defined as the kind & amount of sleep needed for a person to look young and beautiful upon waking. Recent studies have shown that “Beauty Sleep” is real and can bring countless health & aesthetic benefits, from brighter eyes, improved energy to good complexions. A good night’s sleep is like taking a dive into a fountain of youth. Knowing this, it is increasingly important to ensure that from the clothes you wear to the pillow you sleep on, you give yourself the healthy sleep you deserve.

Silk has shown to provide benefits during sleep that cater to the ‘beauty’ aspect of sleep.  Be sure to purchase only 100% Silk and no combination with polyester as this will completely negate the benefits listed below. Properties of silk assist in sleep quality and health, so we’ve compiled a short list of the top reasons why Silk is incredible to get the best Beauty Sleep.

Amazing for Hair

Waking up in the morning with bed-head can sometimes be a battle to get your frizz under control. Waking up after sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase means that you will have less tangles or knots in your hair due to the smoothness of the fabric. The softness from a Silk Pillowcase or a Silk Scrunchie will protect your hair against breakage because of its super gentle touch. This reduces the risk of long term damage on your hair. Even more, silk properties allows your hair to retain its moisture keeping your hair softer and healthier! Bed-head will become a far-away dream when using Silk for hair benefits.

Improves Skin Complexion & Anti-Ageing

The properties of Silk contain a natural protein and amino acid which have been shown to delay the effects of ageing especially on the facial skin. Promoting the ultimate Beauty Sleep, the smooth weave of silk fabric from the pillow cases keeps moisture in your skin; the silk will not absorb your night cream or your natural moisture. Hydrated skin cells show fewer lines and wrinkles which means long term your skin will have incredible benefits. You will wake up looking and feeling radiant everyday!

Why Silk is Fantastic for Beauty Sleep
Good for Sensitive Skin

If you are prone to redness, allergies or have a very sensitive skin than Silk may be the answer for you. Due to the natural construction of silk and its hypoallergenic physiology, this can be great for people whose skin is easily irritated or suffer from common allergens and eczema. The Silk can provide relief of a sound sleep without itchiness or dryness. For travellers with sensitive skin it can be difficult to find comfort on the plane and this is why we swear by our Silk Travel Sleep Kit.

Why Silk is Fantastic for Beauty Sleep
Breathable & Soft

Silk is famous for its smooth touch and feel, sleeping in silk is like being in butter soft sheets. More importantly, silk is a wonderful temperature regulator which means that throughout the night you will not feel too hot or too cold. This is also why we love Silk loungewear, because of its breathable aspect and softness against the skin.

100% Silk can be an incredible partner at home to cater to the best beauty sleep whether you wear a silk kimono, sleep on a silk pillow case or use a silk eye mask these can all help.