The Importance of Fragrances at Home

Feeling good at home is all about creating a space that suits your lifestyle, your needs and your aspirations. So when designing your interior, it is not just about ‘the look’ but also about feeling, and scents are a big part of our emotions. Fragrance is often overlooked or underestimated as an afterthought and not seen as an integral part of a home. But have you ever wondered why you instantly feel good when you smell fresh baked cookies, the smell of brewed coffee or a particular flower?
The Importance of Fragrances at Home

That is because scents are a trigger to a great source of emotions and for this we truly believe in surrounding yourself at home with a scent that brings you joy. Everyone will have their own favourite aromas, it’s all about finding the one that works for you. Whether you decide on a scented candle or a spray to curate your chosen scent, choosing a home fragrance is a subtle art, the one you choose can boost your mood, it can remind you of fond memories or can be something more special. Let’s find out together they key points of why having carefully selected scents are important at home.

The Importance of Fragrances at Home

1.  Affects your Mood

Sensory experiences will put you in a certain mood, so carefully choosing a pleasant scent that put you in a joyful or relaxed state of mind is essential. There is a clear pattern between certain smells and our emotional reaction, with unpleasant smells this may cause discomfort, headache or nausea while on the other hand when smelling a favourite perfume this can cause you to smile or feel great. While scents are difficult to control outside, at home, it is important to find that right balance of scents that trigger positive emotion for you: a cocoon to feel yourself, unwind and recharge. For instance, lavender essential oils may help reduce stress before sleep or vanilla extracts will bring a sweetness to a living space that gives a sense of contentment and nurturing. The power of scent on our emotion is not fiction, we urge you to give it a try at home by playing around with different fragrances to see what works for you!

2. Scent is linked with memory

Scent is the sense closest linked to memory! Studies have shown that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after 1 year while visual memory sinks to 50% after only a few months. Smelling a particular perfume may remind you of your mom, the scent of a particular cooked dish will transport you back to a special moment in time, these olfactory sensations are linked to your memory. It is truly incredible how certain scents can evoke a particular moment, conjure up a childhood memory or remind you of a particular place. Grapefruit and other zesty fruits are often associated with freshness and the outdoors which can remind you of morning runs or nature walks, this is just an example of how smell experiences are linked in your mind. Playing a major role in how we remember places and people, it is therefore paramount to curate the right scents to create unforgettable happy memories and also recalling old ones.

3. Fragrance adds your signature

Wearing perfume on your person is as much for yourself and what you like but also a signature to others. It can be a thing that attracts you to someone and also a particular fragrance, especially less commercial ones can automatically remind you of a specific person. Aromas are not just about smelling ‘good’ but more so about creating an identity yourself and your home. Restaurants, hotels and spas often use fragrance to create a specific atmosphere that they want to portray to match their image. Scented candles or home sprays in each room give a distinct personality based on the scents selected, if for instance you’ve chosen a Citrus based fragrance or Wood based perfume, this will give off very different atmospheres. The more special and unique the more it will be associated with yourself in people’s memories. Scents like Cinnamon, Vanilla, Jasmin or Roses are all quite common that most people enjoy but too generic to create a true signature. Looking at more complex blends and going away from the all too commercial brands can be a great place to start in creating your very own home identity through fragrance.

The Importance of Fragrances at Home
The Importance of Fragrances at Home

Catherine Denoual Maison has worked with the best expert perfumers in the South of France to create its own signature scents. A range of four Home Fragrances, carefully made to design your olfactive space. From our scented candles and room sprays, each with their own personality, these luxurious scents are the perfect partner to satisfy to lift your mood, create wonderful memories and make your own signature home scent. Below are the unique Catherine Denoual Maison fragrance selection.

Fig Tree: Fruit, leaves and bark compose the accents of this fragrant ode to fig tree tempered by the fresh and aromatic notes of rhubarb and galbanum. A bouquet of cyclamen and some comforting touches of blond wood, Tonka beans and cedar wood round off the harmony of this green composition.

Grapefruit Ginger: Pink grapefruit, tangerine, bitter orange, lemon leaves and lime: an exuberance of citrus offerings a cocktail of sunny essences. A fresh and aromatic trail of birch, mint and basil leaves spiced with a sparkling touch of ginger and accentuated by elegant notes of musk and dry wood.

White Linen: A perfume of fresh laundry dried in the air of a garden haloed with sunlight; a blend of lavender and warm notes of ylang-ylang flower. The gentle breeze of a white linen veil powdered with musk and vanilla just tinged with a touch of patchouli.

Mimosa: Souvenir of the French Riviera, the luminous fragrance of mimosa mingles with the powdery sweetness of heliotrope flower, vibrating the fresh notes of orange blossom, white almond and green foliage, to blend in a bed of white musk and hawthorn.