Introduction into Hand Embroidery

Beginning from a love of hand-made things with fine craftsmanship and skilled artisans in Vietnam, Catherine has harmoniously combined her own sophisticated European style designs with unique & artistically traditional hand-embroidery. With a strong desire to preserve, evolve and bring in new ways along her luxury bed linen line, the brand is still to this day rooted around traditional embroidery.
Introduction into Hand Embroidery
Introduction into Hand Embroidery
Tradition Rooted in Craftsmanship

All the textile based products from Catherine Denoual Maison have a detail of embroidery, whether made by machine or hand.

Keep reading to discover the traditional hand-embroidery methods that we used in our 2018 Bed Linen Collection “The Whimsical Garden”. In this behind the scenes with our artisans, you’ll get an inside look at the various techniques used to create our unique designs.

Let’s start with the basics!

1) Stem Stich

The “Dandelion” design is full of grace and is a symbol of dreams, the flowers were elaborated with meticulous hand-embroidery stitches and each taking about six-hours to complete.

The dandelion flower looks so gentle on the pillow sham corners and at the same time so vivid like it is flying with the wind all over the duvet cover. This design is made using the stem stitch technique; start by creating one straight stitch forward, bring the needle and floss up underneath the fabric. Instead of going through the center of this initial stitch, bring the needle up just to the side of the stich to ensure that the embroidery line is as pretty as natural.

With the stem stitch technique we have created many designs that had simple lines, it always looks beautiful yet delicate & simple!

Achieving Floral Perfection!

One of our most elegant and feminine designs in our new collection is “Garden Fantasy”.

2) French Knot

So how can you bring to life floral patterns in embroidery? We love to make beautiful flowers and leaves exquisitely expressed by the French knot technique in order to create small round beads that represent the flower’s stamen. This technique gives an almost 3D effect to the design and an interesting texture.

The most difficult part is how to embroider each and every bead to be neatly rounded and even every time. Our artisans have year of experience under their belts and this technique definitely requires their level of skill to achieve perfectly!

Introduction into Hand Embroidery

3) The Long & Short Stitch

When making flowers, the petals are always the most beautiful and we find that one certain technique can make them justice. The flower petals in our Garden Fantasy design were brought into life by the free style embroidery technique called the long and short stitch. This technique allows to create the perfect shading for each flower petals with the appropriate depth, light and dark shade due to the stitching way. This shading method is comparable with painting strokes by going lighter to darker with alternately long and short stitches, resulting in a perfect subtle colour shift.

How can you Embroider on Silk?
Introduction into Hand Embroidery

If you love something luxurious and sophisticated that can transform your bedroom to become more special, our Scarlett bed cover is the ultimate choice for you.

4) Hand-Quilting

The Scarlett Silk bed cover is the most precious item of our collection, made from 100% Silk, this gorgeous blanket feels divine against your skin. Silk is a very delicate fabric and embroidery on this material needs to be done with extreme care.

This design is so special because it is embroidered on its entire surface! It is completely made by using the lovely hand-quilting technique to fill the whole bed cover, creating a natural soft and puffy look done by these symmetrical stitches.

This hand-quilting technique requires a high level of meticulousness, evenly hand-held and patience to produce the beautiful finished work of art that is Scarlett.

Catherine Denoual Maison always maintains its position as a prestigious brand in the luxury bed linen market in Vietnam and internationally thanks to the sophistication and meticulousness through its embroidery work. Traditional hand-embroidery and careful work in machine embroidery is at the heart of what we do. With this little glimpse into our techniques and style we hope you see the hard work and attention brought to each design! We wish to bring customers an intangible value and the best experience of a good night sleep and continue the path to develop traditional embroidery into its own unique style.