How to start the New Year the right way

With a new year starting, it’s natural to think about how we want the year ahead to go and to take stock on the past year. Understanding what we’ve achieved, what we wished we could have done better and looking forward to what is ahead. There are many advices on how to set new year’s intentions, there is no right or wrong, but simply what works for you personally. For us there are 5 things to consider when beginning a new year, we’ve put together the list of our tips to start the new year right!
How to start the New Year the right way

1. Set Intentions

The best way to start the year the right way is by writing down a clear list of what you intend to achieve. A matter of setting out and highlighting the important things and what means most to you, in this way you will more easily prioritise your time and your resources. For instance, if learning how to cook is a number one priority for you then set out to get a join some cooking classes or buying a cooking book. Make sure that your top 5 or top 10 list of resolutions or intentions are achievable, personal and specific. If you are too broad such as “I want to get fit”, this is not specific enough and you may not know how to start or achieve this, instead it is better to write “I want to have a class with a personal trainer once per week to get fit” has a much more achievable and specific outcome.

How to start the New Year the right way

2. Make Time for Family & Friends

If you haven’t already done so, consider who are the most important people in your life and make sure that you prioritise them. A one hour lunch, a walk in the park, a gym class together, it doesn’t matter what you do together as long as you spend time together. It is easy to get swept up in the busyness of life with work and so one, but the only way to keep strong relationships with your best friend, your mother or daughter is by making time for them. Having these relationships can benefit you greatly, bring you solace in difficult times, have support on your successes, and countless other positive things.

3. Organise your home

We strongly believe that a clear mind starts with a clean home, with the day-to-day and busy schedules it is easy to be behind on the house chores a little. But there is nothing better than coming home to a beautifully ordered home, so for the new year get your home sorted to get that fresh feel. Things you could do to organise your home include going through your wardrobes to see if there are any clothes you no longer wear and can donate to charity, do a deep cleaning of your kitchen cabinets and your fridge, arrange all your toiletries and makeup by category and have your sofa cushions and living room carpet dry cleaned. An organised home for a clear mind!

4. Try Something New

To avoid of having the exact same routine as the previous year, it is important to challenge yourself by trying new things. Only by doing new things do learn more about ourselves and others.

How to start the New Year the right way
How to start the New Year the right way

It can be anything small or big, from learning a new skill such as taking a dance class or traveling to discover a new city. Trying new things can also be beneficial for anything that you did not enjoy or badly experienced from in the previous year, by trying to do things differently it may completely change an already existing situation.

5. Buy Fresh Bed Linens

Good sleep is priceless, getting those 8 hours every night is paramount to good health and better productivity. Starting with a quality mattress and quality pillows to provide with the right kind of neck & back support all the way to soft sheets made from great fabric that will cater to an amazing slumber. With bad quality bed linens this can mean sweating in the night, getting rashes especially for sensitive skins, or spending money on sheets that will not last long. Our high quality bedding is a great way to upgrade your bed for the new year, invest in yourself by prioritising good sleep. Pure Cotton sheets that feel fantastic against the skin, designs that cater to every taste and a durability that lasts years is what our bed linens provide. Fresh sheets for a fresh new year!