How to Set a Beautiful Table

Table decoration is one of the factors determining the mood and the beauty of the dining space. In fact, the way a table is set contributes to the ambiance of a meal just as much as the food and wine. So, whether it is a big party to welcome guests for a special occasion or just a family dinner, it can be so much fun to create a beautiful table and make dining time more special and memorable. For any season and occasion there are thousands of ways to decorate a table, and therein lies the fun!
How to Set a Beautiful Table

To ensure a beautiful table setting every time, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips we usually follow for a successful wow factor. 

Unify Your Beautiful Table Setting with Matching Colours

1. Unify Your Table Setting with Matching Colours

Color theme is the very first step to determine the style and feel you want to give the table. Normally, people often choose the main color of the dining table based on the theme or the occasion of the gathering. For instance, a fancy white & red table is popular for Christmas dinners while a dreamy pink setting is something you could see for a young girl’s birthday party. After deciding the color theme, choosing which items and arranging them on a table in a beautiful way becomes easier. You do not have to match everything but try to avoid using clashing hues. There are some colors that go together better than others and complement each other. Use your own judgment and creativity to determine which color scheme is best suited for your table setting style. Don’t be afraid to go bold with colours, just make sure they pair well; for example: use neutral napkins like a beige or taupe against bright coloured dishware. Once you have your tonal palette in mind, make sure all the elements of the table including flowers, linens, china, glassware are connected in the colour theme.

2. Choose the Right Centrepieces

A table setting often looks striking based on the centrepiece, whether it is an elaborately themed Halloween invention, a stunning flower arrangement or candles. The centrepiece will set the tone for the dining occasion, if you create a centrepiece that is either understated or elaborate it may make a table more formal or less.

The first instinct would be to place flowers in vases in the middle of the table to decorate it. This is the most effective and immediate way to bring an interesting look to your dining room. However, you should avoid too tall flower centrepieces at the middle of the table as guests may not see the person in front of them. Instead choose simple flowers in low level bouquets, different types of flowers will set the tone for the table. Roses look fancier while adding more green leaves can make a beautiful rustic table setting. Candles are always a good idea to create a cosy mood, use low tea lights for more casual dinners and fancy candlesticks for special occasions like Christmas or romantic celebrations. Pro tip: check out Pinterest for creative centerpiece ideas!

3. Invest in Quality Linens

The key to a beautiful yet functional table setting is quality linens. Linens can be kept a lifetime and are the basis for any table setting so it’s the pivotal piece when arranging a dinner. Ideally, table linens should be made from soft, natural fibre like cotton or 100% stone washed linen. You can purchase synthetic ones, but the feel and overall impression is inferior. Pure linen gives amazing feel against the skin as you dab your mouth or against your hands.

Invest in Quality Linens to set a beautiful table

For a first time purchase, opt for neutral coloured napkins and tablecloths which can easily be matched with whatever China or interior. If you want to make more elaborate settings or have fun with it, then going for printed linens or embroidered napkins are a great way to add style and uniqueness to your table setting.

Personalise Each Place Setting

4. Mix in Different Textures & Layers

Using contrasting textures by mixing and matching all the pieces on your table is a technique that creates a dramatic, gorgeous design that makes your table look impressive. Layering your table means playing with scale and levels, start with color and textural design of the tablecloth for creating an exciting base look then add on. An easy way to achieve this is for instance if you have patterned plates then opt for plain napkins or vice versa. This creates a lovely balance and provides an interesting mix of textures. For creating layers, mix tall and short or wide and narrow things on the tablescape such as tall candlesticks, tiny vases, wide wine glasses but thin water tumbler. Picking materials will also improve your table’s texture and layers, place mats on a wooden table together with gold accents in the cutlery can create something super chic and elegant. Try out a few different materials on one place setting to see what works and once you are happy with the result apply the same for your whole table.

5. Personalise Each Place Setting

Last but not least, is the personal touch! Make your guests feel impressed and special by your meticulousness and care. One simple way to do this is by using small items that have a personalized meaning for each guest throughout the table and place settings. These will give your table that extra charm like no other. Monogram napkins are our favorite. Not only does it add to the beauty of the  table setting, but these napkins give each guest their own initials and know where they should sit. Take it one step further and at the end of the dinner, let them take the napkin home as a gift! For something more simple you can also use simple paper place cards with the hand written names of each guests, a great way to make the table more formal but also special with each guest name.

Think outside the box and add details like placing a different colour flower or kind of flower on each guest plate. Sky’s the limit when personalizing, so go for it and add your very own touch to make the table setting your own!