How to Refresh your Home for Spring

When the flowers are blooming, the air is fresh and birds are singing, we know Spring is finally here. This is one of our favourite seasons of the year, Spring gives us a new lease on life and inspires us a lot. After the rush of the festivities of Winter, we all look forward to enjoying some sunshine and slowing down in spring.
How to Refresh your Home for Spring

So it’s the perfect time to do a home refresh! By focusing on some key areas in the home, there are some great ways to renew and restore your spaces. Read on for 5 great ideas to get started, your home will feel transformed and ready to greet the season!

How to Refresh your Home for Spring

1. Spring cleaning

The first and important thing you should do to welcome spring is a deep cleaning of your home. Truly, it’s not so different compared with your cleaning routine but simply a bit more in-depth. For spring cleaning, you take it to the next level by taking care of all the places often forgotten of your house from windows, table, sofa to inside your kitchen cabinets. Spring cleaning also means a time to de-clutter – check the things you really don’t use or don’t wear anymore and make a special pile for donation. It’s better to give them to someone in need or for recycling rather than let these clothes or items gather dust in your wardrobe. You could call a special cleaning service if you find it you are short on time or make it your mission one weekend. In the end, your home will look clean, fresh & more spacious and you will be surprised how much this can affect your mood, health and overall happiness!

2. Wardrobe checking

The sun is shining, the weather is getting warmer, and it seems like you can finally hang up all your thick winter jackets and add some new spring outfits to your closet! If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to do a quick wardrobe check to get ready for the seasonal wardrobe change.

We love the famous Marie Kondo technique, check all your clothing piece by piece and ask yourself “does this item spark joy for me” and if it doesn’t then it has to go! This is a great way to donate some of your clothes that you no longer like, are too small or too big and so on. To dispose of those clothes, you may give them to friends, sell items if they are of good quality or donate them to charity. Going through your wardrobe will also allow you what pieces of clothing you are missing or need. Last but not least, before you put everything back in your wardrobe, vaccum and place some moth repellent products at the bottom to keep all your pretty things clean and safe.

3. Plant a tree

Spring is such a wonderful time to be outdoors, as it is not too hot or cold! So it is a moment to focus on your exteriors as much as your interiors. Getting a little “green” and taking care of your garden or terrace will make your home feel complete. Planting things in your garden can be so rewarding in so many ways, planting trees will add shade & privacy, adding flowers will bring bright colours and growing vegetables will feed your family with your favourite veggies. Spring is the best time to plant because plants will have a better chance to grow all summer and get ready for winter. If you do not have a garden, not to worry, you can always buy potted plants to add some green to your living room or also grow flowers on your balcony. Either way, having some living plants or flowers in a garden or apartment can really open up a space and bring a much needed freshness.

plant a tree for spring cleaning

4. Repaint some rooms

As you Winter blues are slowly going away, get into a brighter mood by painting some of your rooms in a cheerful new colour. Doing a repaint can be highly therapeutic and you’ll be surprised how much it can change the entire look of a space, it will feel like a totally new space. Whether you want to create a dramatic, intense look or lightening with a soft color, you can give your interior any personality update for the new season.

How to Refresh your Home for Spring

We recommend not to get carried away with colours, remember you still have to see it and live in it everyday. Opting for neutral tones which are soothing or natural shades are always a safe choice. Pick a colour that makes you happy and get that brush and bucket to transform your space yourself, it’s fun and so rewarding when it’s done!

5. Change your Sheets

As the weather starts to warm up, swap out your heavy bedding with a more lightweight fabric like cotton or stone washed linen. Those fabrics are soft and breathable which are perfect for spring and for the coming hot summer days! Not only looking at fabric type but you can also revamp your bedroom look with new sheets colours. Changing sheets is probably the easiest way to renew your bedroom style easily without having to change furniture and you can really get creative with print patterns, embroidered sheets or bright colours. For this season we are loving all the pastel hues, from soft pinks to zesty yellows, it brings that juicy touch for the change of season. Our ultimate Spring bedding set would have to be Fairy Tale in Paradise Pink or Willow in Lemonade, these designs really exude the Spring spirit. Made from 100% Cotton Satin, these 500TC sheets with their finely embroidered duvet covers and pillow shams will be a dream to look at and to sleep in!