How to Make the Perfect Bed?

From styling tips to efficient ways to make the bed, making the bed is a topic of much controversy in home-making circles, some say it is therapeutic, others a necessity while some say it shouldn't even be made to let the bed breathe! Either way, as most do, for us the bed is made in the morning as we find it a great way to start your day. A clean room is a clear mind after all! So we've put together a little guide to making the bed the most efficiently and prettily as possible so that you optimise your time and love coming back to bed every night. We want you to feel that making the bed isn't a chore and instead fill you with delight once you see your finished effort.
How to Make the Perfect Bed?
How to Make the Perfect Bed?
1. Start with the Fitted Sheet

Begin by placing the fitted sheet onto the mattress, it is the base of everything. To do this with as easily as possible, spot the elastics as these will be the indicators for each corner. Once you have, notice the short side and the long side and lay the fitted sheet out flat on top of the bed accordingly. Then the best way is start by tucking one corner under the mattress and follow on to the next corner and the next until all is tucked away. The elastics will do all the work to keep it nice and snug. The elasticated corners are so handy, you never have to worry about tossing and turning in bed, even on those fretful nights you’re sure that your Fitted Sheet will stay in place.

2. Use the Duvet Ties

Next up, you’ve got your snuggly duvet. To enjoy the best sleep or lazy duvet days then find the cotton duvet ties! Start by putting your duvet cover inside out, at this point you will find a little piece of cotton string at each corner of the duvet cover on its inside. Once you have located them, tie each of the cover’s corners with the matching corner of the duvet insert which also have ties on each corners. This marriage knot will keep the duvet from shifting inside its cover, giving you the most comfort while in bed. Then all you have left to do is to drape the duvet over your bed to complete the look.

3. Button Up your Pillow Shams

Leave the pillows as one of the last things to place on the bed otherwise they might just get in the way when you are trying to put the Fitted Sheet or drape the bed with the duvet. The pillows are quite easy to match with the Pillow Shams, the trick is to hold the corner of the pillow with your hand and stuff into the pillow sham as if you were stuffing turkey! Find the far corner of the sham with your hand as you’re still holding the pillow and let go once you’ve found it and then adjust as needed. The pillow and sham now in place, give it a good fluff and button up the buttons. This will ensure the pillow to stay put and hidden.

How to Make the Perfect Bed?
4. Get Styling for Finishing Touches

Now comes the fun part! Nothing says home like a personal touch, once your bed is made let your creativity flow and start styling. We love to add a set of matching decorative cushions and bed throw to give your bed that really finished and lush look. A lovely bed throw or bed cover can add colour, texture or even warmth during the nights. While small cushions make a bed feel complete and can also provide back support when you are reading. Styling is the part of bed making that is really all about you and your own taste, whether you like to keep it simple or more extravagant.

How to Make the Perfect Bed?

While making the bed may sound easy, styling and creating the best look that suit your taste may seem more challenging! We’ve asked our designer Catherine to give you her favourite pillow styles, we’re sure that you will find one to your liking! Whether you are a minimalist or like your bed full we’ve got you covered with our gorgeous below ideas.


Four: The Standard

Two back pillows and two front pillows will cover your basic needs, and if you like that minimalist style then this set up would be perfect for you! To achieve this look, just pick one set of bigger square back pillows for great back support when reading and smaller rectangle pillows in front to use to sleep on for perfect neck support.


Five: The Simple One

Simplicity is often the best way to go, as we like to say less is more! A gorgeous bed can still be done with a touch of colour or embroidery pattern. With four of the standard pillows and one added cushion, the bed will look dressed and decorated without breaking the bank or going over the top. You can match the cushion or add a pop of colour!


Six: The Symmetrical

To achieve this flawlessly symmetrical look, keep it to two or three colour schemes and make sure that each pair of pillow match in colour and design. Feel free to mix and match in sets of colour but for ideal symmetry try to stick to one design throughout the bed for maximum effect.


Seven: The Supreme

This getup is for those who love a lavish bed, adding a mix of designs, colours and fabrics to create a sumptuous looking bedroom. With a bed in this way, be sure that your bed will be the focal point of your bedroom, a wow factor style that will take your breath away every time you walk into the room.