The Guide to High Quality Cotton Sheets

Do you find it daunting choosing bed linen as you are not sure how to tell the difference between the good quality and bad quality ones? Well don’t you worry, we’ll take you through it step by step and by the end you’ll be an expert in discerning high quality cotton sheets. From the source of origin of the cotton to the way the yarns are weaved together and to the thread count myth; we reveal it all.
The Guide to High Quality Cotton Sheets
The Guide to High Quality Cotton Sheets
The Honest Thread Count

A higher thread count does not mean a higher quality sheet. So here is the truth about thread count and what it takes to find high quality bed sheets.

To explain it simply, thread count can be defined as the number of yarns woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is based on the threads woven horizontally called weft and vertically called warp. Customers are often misled to believe that the thread count is an indication of quality of the fabric.

In certain factories, weak yarns are taken and combined together to create one ‘stronger’ yarn to increase the thread count, and some sheets will end up having thread counts in the thousands. These businesses will then count each yarn inside that plied yarn to create a higher and misleading thread count but is actually a poorer quality fabric. This tampering is

unfortunately quite common on the linen market but fear not because we will give you all the right tools to understand how to really get a true high quality sheet.

A complete set for $100 with thread count above 600 is not the dream bargain that you may think. Most weavers explain that the maximum number of threads that can be woven into one square inch of fabric is 500. You get what you pay for, real quality means a higher price tag.

So how do you actually determine quality cotton?

There are three things to look at when buying bedding to determine quality: the yarn, the fibres, and the thread count.

1) Fibre

The very best cotton in the world is grown in Egypt and Egyptian cotton is the standard of excellence for cotton. The reason it is the best is that Egyptian cotton has a long staple cotton. This long staple cotton produces the strongest and finest cotton fibres in the world. Longer cotton fibres will make for stronger, finer yarns and produce a very smooth weave while shorter fibres may poke out of the weave giving a coarser, weaker fabric.

2) Yarn

The fibre will determine the yarn, a longer fibre will make for a finer yarn so more yarns that can be woven into a square inch. This ultimately creates an accurate high thread count and a finer, smoother feel. A single ply yarn can only be spun from long staple cotton and this guarantees a soft yet durable sheets. Multi ply yarns are made from weaker and shorter fibres twisted together creating false strength and resulting in coarser poor quality threads.

The Guide to High Quality Cotton Sheets

3) Thread count

When a fabric is made with a true high thread count the cotton will be extremely soft and smooth to the touch. This is all due to the high quality of the long staple fibres and the single ply yarn required for its creation.
Now that you have all the information at hand the last thing to look at when buying cotton sheets is the weaving finish. The finishing is more about personal taste because there are many different types of weaving for cotton and it creates different kinds of results. If you like a crisp cool feel and matt looking sheet then Cotton with a Percale weave is the fabric for you but if you like a silky soft feel and lustrous sheen look then go for Cotton with a Satin weave. This is not a reflection of quality but rather just about personal taste!

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The Guide to High Quality Cotton Sheets

A big part of our lives is spent in bed so quality bedding is super important. We have the best quality sheets in the industry, let us explain why.

At Catherine Denoual Maison here is the breakdown of our cotton:

  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Long staple fibers
  • Single ply yarn
  • 400-500 Thread Count
  • Satin Weave

As mentioned above, when looking at purchasing high quality bedding you must look at certain factors including long fiber cotton, single ply yarn, and an accurate high thread count. This is why we are the best, we have it all!

If you love the feel of silky soft cotton sheet, then you’ve come to the right place. We create all our designs with our high quality cotton as a canvas, we love how it feels and want to give that to our customers. From top to bottom we aspire for the highest quality, whether with our embroidery work or our packaging it all starts with having the best cotton. So please remember that when you are choosing to buy your bed sheets it is not just about the thread count but altogether a balance of all the ‘ingredients’ which makes for a true high quality fabric.