Get the Look: Valentine’s Day at Home Inspiration

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we can’t help but be in a romantic mood and plan to show our appreciation for our special someone. There is always the classics: hand written cards, chocolates, jewelry and flowers which never fail to please. This year though, if you want to try something a little different or take it to the next level we propose a Valentine’s Day at home!
Get the Look: Valentine’s Day at Home Inspiration

Who says you have to go to a fancy restaurant to experience romance, we truly believe that with the right mood romance can be had right in your own home. So with this in mind, we’ve come up with 4 tips to get inspired on how to get the Valentine’s Day at home look. From the right outfit to the perfect table setting, everything to make it the most cosy, intimate and sweet day. Read our blog to spark ideas to create your own way to make your Valentine’s Day at home memorable!

Get the Look: Valentine’s Day at Home Inspiration

 1. For Yourself: Silky Loungewear that Wows

No matter how you’re planning to impress your special one, if you’re planning on organizing a Valentine’s Day at home, finding the right outfit is really important. The great thing about celebrating at home is that you can pretty much wear anything you like and that even includes staying in your pyjamas! Of course on this occasion we suggest upgrading to something really lavish and that will make you feel at your finest. There is no fabric that does that better than Silk, it is simply luscious and dreamy from a looks point of view as well as a touch point of view as it feels super soft against the skin. Not only will you feel utterly comfortable on your date night at home but you will also look dressed up all the while staying casual. That is the reason why we love our timeless Silk Kimono, a classic look that never goes out of style, it is sophisticated and a wardrobe must-have. Your partner surely won’t be able to take their eyes off you!

2. For the Bedroom: Pretty in Pink Sheet Set to Show your Love

As much as you want to add a touch of romance to every room in your home, for a successful Valentine’s Day, the centerpiece should be the bedroom so this is where you should focus your decor on! Obviously lighting some candles and tidying up the space is a must-do, but go the next level with fresh bed sheets. Forget red as having this colour on your bed might be a little over the top but instead opt for a softer Valentine’s Day tone. We would recommend a beautiful soft pink to set an inviting and sweet bed look. Pastel colours also have the advantage to blend in with all kinds of interior design, and if you really want to achieve a Valentine’s Day bed look we suggest our elegant Willow in the Paradise Pink colour, a subtle machine embroidered design that is discreet and contemporary yet dreamy. To ensure an unforgettable night, add rose petals on the bed to create and cast that perfect romantic glow across your bedroom!

3. For the Kitchen: Homemade Sweets to make Hearts Beat Faster

Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate, strawberries, both or something else, a homemade dessert for Valentine’s day is the perfect treat to finish this special day!

Get the Look: Valentine’s Day at Home Inspiration

Make it extra special by making your special someone’s favourite dessert, if they are a chocolate lover or if they prefer fruit based treats, find out and surprise them with a sweet treat you know they’ll love. A surprise desert will make your feel extra special that you went through the trouble of making it specially for them. Homemade is best as it shows your level of commitment to making something special, but if you are not a baking wizard buying treats you’re your partner’s favourite bakery is also a lovely gesture. The importance is to show effort, impress your loved one and of course indulge in a little sweetness.

Get the Look: Valentine’s Day at Home Inspiration

4. For the Living Room: Floral Table Setting for a Romantic Dinner at Home

Recreate that restaurant atmosphere by creating a show stopping table setting! Sharing a meal in the privacy of your own home can be just as romantic as dining in a fancy restaurant if you use the right tools. The key décor tip is about creating a beautiful dinning table setting as this will set the mood for romance. You don’t have to go bold with vibrant reds – instead try to keep a soft colour palette for a more intimate vibe. Then choose linens and tableware that suit your personality, whether that is minimalistic or you prefer print or floral touches. We advise starting to set the table with a tablecloth, because this immediately creates a different look to your usual table and gives a look of special occasion to your dining room. Then from there simply add flowers, matching linen napkins, a few candles and elegant glassware. For Valentine’s Day, we love a floral look with rose gold candlesticks, have a look at our floral embroidered napkins and table cloth with our design Daisy which we think creates a sweet and romantic dinner table.

In the end Valentine’s Day is just like any other day when you are in love, but these special days just remind us to not take each other for granted and that sometimes it’s good to celebrate love! We hope all our tips have inspired you to try a Valentine’s Day at home and make it an unforgettable one.