4 Simple Ways to Fold Napkins

Folding napkins to look beautiful is often a hair pulling dilemma, to help you, we’ve come up with 4 ways to fold napkins that are simple and stunning to look at. Whether you use linen napkins daily or only for special occasions, table napkins have both a practical purpose and also add a decorative feature. You don’t need to be an expert, or know how to make a swan out of a napkin to create a lovely table setting with your fabric napkins.
4 Simple Ways to Fold Napkins
4 Simple Ways to Fold Napkins

As we love to say “less is more”, and with this in mind, we truly believe that ‘fancy’ does not equal ‘complicated. With our simple tips, we will guide you on easy techniques to impress your dinner guests!

1. The “Messy” Tie

The “messy tie” is the perfect way to make a napkin look great without too much effort. First, acquire a tie which could be from a variety of things such as any kind of napkin rings or even simple ribbon or string will do. As a first step, lie your napkin flat on a table, then with your fingers, pinch & grab the middle point of the napkin and lift it off the table. The fabric will fall naturally on either side, and with the string, cinch at the level you prefer and tie it off in a bow. Voila! Beautifully messy just like our Boho Napkin.

2. The Diamond

The Diamond is a great style to make a napkin look a little more sophisticated, to give it that ‘restaurant’ look. Click on our video tutorial on the right to discover the best way to make a diamond napkin fold in a few easy steps. The look can be achieved in no time and looks beautiful on a dining table. This style is especially perfect for a napkin with an embroidery or embellishment in the corner of the napkin as it will make it stand out. A perfect example is our Dragonfly napkin as can be seen in the tutorial.

3. The Minimalist Rectangle

This design is sleek and modern, it is great to place under cutlery or over a plate. It is not a difficult look to achieve but requires a little precision for optimum effect. To show you in more detail how to achieve this simple napkin fold we have put together a little video how-to. Click on the video how-to on the right, to view the steps into making this lovely napkin. The great thing about this method of folding is that it can suit almost any style of napkin, we love it with our Hope napkins but it could easily be applied to any other of designs like Lucia or Daisy for instance.

4 Simple Ways to Fold Napkins
4. The Chic Triangle

This is so simple yet so effective, you’ll love this folding style! The triangle shape is achieved in 3 simple folds. Start by taking your square dinner napkin and lay it flat completely open with the embroidery side down. Fold the napkin in half to make it look like a large rectangle. Then fold the napkin again in the middle but this time into a square, make sure you don’t fold over the embroidery. For the last fold, turn the napkin so the embroidered corner is facing you and fold the top corner in half diagonally under and press it down. There you have it for a simple and versatile triangle napkin shape.

Any of these easy folds will add an elegant touch to your dining table without stress and done in a few minutes.