4 Simple Tips To Be A Great Host

Hanging out with friends are some of the best things in life! Although there are many interesting places to enjoy our time together at restaurants or cafes, it’s also wonderful to organize a cosy party at home with loved ones. In the privacy of your home, you can create lasting memories and can arrange our own favourite dishes and set up an intimate space that allows everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.
4 Simple Tips To Be A Great Host
4 Simple Tips To Be A Great Host

In this blog, we have rounded 4 simple tips to prepare an intimate & very casual way to host friends at home. With those useful tips, you will be more confident to be a great host at your home parties!

1. Welcome with a Drink

There is nothing more refreshing when your guests have just stepped out of their cars, walked to your home then to be greeted with a welcome drink. Whether it is a fresh fruit juice, a cold young coconut or a glass of champagne, it shows your warmth to your guests. And we think for everyone to relax and mingle, a glass of bubbles is a perfect choice. A great tip to create a beautiful setting and allow you to enjoy once your guests are there is to prepare the glasses and drinks ahead of time. Our cocktail napkins are a great addition to decorate the table and come in use for all your friends, a great show of your consideration and for a more elegant look as well. All is left to do when your friends arrive is pop the bottle open!

2. Casual & intimate food displays

For those intimate gatherings, we love to have space to talk to everyone present. That is the reason why we love to display our food kind of buffet style, it’s more fun & casual! The space of a buffet is spacious, convenient for everyone to move, attendees at the party can help themselves, they take the food they want, continue socialising while enjoying all the delicious dishes you have set out. Depending on the overall taste of your guests, you can arrange many different options of cuisines, from Asian styled dishes or more European way. If you want to try a European buffet, we love a cheese & charcuterie platter with tasty cold cuts, nuts, and all different kinds of cheeses. Everyone easily gathers around this large delicious platter, eating and chatting. We really do love a buffet style dinner or lunch to keep it fun, and the food is always a huge success!

3. Fragrance your Home to set the Mood

Beside serving foods and drinks, you should consider creating a relaxing and pleasant feeling for guests during your party by creating a fragrant atmosphere. Nothing is more wonderful for your friends than entering into your home which is scented with your favourite fragrance. In fact, scent easily affects our moods and emotions. A good fragrance can certainly create positive vibes. Just light up a scented candle a few minutes before your party really begins, your room will be filled with magical scents. With our Home Fragrance products, your beloved friends can relax in a heavenly scented space, they will surely feel extremely relaxed and impressed with your hosting!

4 Simple Tips To Be A Great Host

4. Be comfortable when getting ready

Organizing a party at your home is an interesting thing with the full participation of your family and friends. In fact, the most interesting part of the party is when you prepare the menu, decoration and table setting, especially when you see the surprise and joy reflected on the faces of each guest. Once everything is ready, it is important that you leave some spare time to get yourself ready as well! The final tip to hosting guests at home, is finishing your makeup before getting dressed in a chic yet comfortable outfit. You will feel more at ease and allow you some down time to relax before everyone arrives. With our elegant and beautiful kimono, we think this is the best attire to get ready, easy to put on and take off, it is a true comfort.

There are many ways to make your home party unforgettable, you could also make incredible formal sit down dinners or have afternoon tea, the tips in this blog are great basics for any new host. And with those 4 really simple tips above, we are sure that you will be the great host even in your first party organization.